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The New Age of Skin Care: The Natural, Plant-Based Way to Care for Skin

Jan 11, 2019 (5 months ago) |
SANTA BARBARA, Calif: Ceramedx, a natural way to care for dry and irritated skin, meets the demand of the changing conversation in the health and wellness space.
The Ceramedx skin care system offers the first natural ceramide therapy for dry skin, made from all plant-based ceramides and emollients, and is now available nationwide.

We see that consumer purchases are continuing to shift toward products that contain natural, clinically-tested ingredients with substantiated benefits, said Jay Kline, Chief Operating Officer of ESN Group, Inc., maker of Ceramedx. Times have clearly changed; big, traditional packaged goods companies are now losing market share as more savvy, natural-minded consumers are reading labels.

The Ceramedx natural ceramide therapy line has three products in its system to satisfy this growing trend:

Extra Gentle Cleanser
Restoring Body Lotion
Ultra Moisturizing Cream

The Important Facts

All Ceramedx therapeutic body products are formulated with Riceramide-3, an exclusive blend of plant ceramides derived from rice bran, lecithin and essential fatty acids, which helps restore the balance of lipids in the skin's outer layer, creating a protective barrier and restoring hydration. Not only is Ceramedx clinically tested and dermatologist-recommended, it is also cruelty-free, vegan and free of fragrances, parabens and petrolatum.

Clear and detailed labels, like the ones found on Ceramedx products, enable consumers to read exactly what ingredients are in the products they are considering putting on their bodies. The natural skin care sector promotes this level of awareness and stays away from chemical-based ingredients, focusing on keeping healthy elements at the forefront. Ceramedx is the answer for those seeking good-for-you skin care.

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The New Age of Skin Care: The Natural, Plant-Based Way to Care for Skin

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