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Camp America Backs Snowflakes

Jan 08, 2019 (6 months ago) |
LONDON: The British Army isn't the only company backing snowflakes; Camp America also recently released a social video targeting snowflakes, as part of its recruitment drive.
The travel program, which sends young people to work in America every summer; recognises millennials strengths in its latest video campaign; which you can watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n7Mz6OeX60&feature=youtu.be

Millennials are getting a lot of stick at the moment, says Kerry McSweeney, Vice President at Camp America. We've been hiring and sending young people to work at summer camps across America for years and they are still amazing camp counsellors today. We're getting tired of hearing how they can't do things. They work at summer camps each year and yes, they have fun, but they are also incredibly resilient, and amazing role models for the young kids they look after. They work hard and care about the job they are doing and the positive effect they have on the children. We wanted to celebrate these young people and the amazing job they do with us.

Camp America recruits young people to work for a summer at an American kid's camp, looking after children and teaching activities. It provides an opportunity for young people to; experience another culture, make friends all over the world and gain life-long skills. Their recent video showcases the negative associations young people are dealing with at the moment and flips these negatives to showcase the positives; fighting back at the 'snowflake' name.

We wanted to have a bit of fun with the video, explains Katy Phillips, Marketing Director at Camp America. We'd been hearing the snowflake term banded around and we thought it was unfair on young people. We send thousands of amazing young people to camp each summer and they inspire and make a difference to children all over the States. We wanted to let them know we believe in them. Working at a summer camp is an incredibly rewarding experience, where participants gain skills for life and get to have fun exploring another country. However, participants need to be ready to work long hours, in a high energy environment and our participants prove time and time again that they are dedicated, patient and hard-workers.

Camp America is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. The first Camp America flight took off, the same year as the first space launch; 1969. They will be hosting their annual recruitment fairs in January, with the biggest one in London on the 26th January at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference centre.

The recruitment fairs provide an opportunity for young people to get placed at a camp on the spot and get their summer sorted! Says McSweeney. We're hoping the video will inspire more young people to come along and use their 'snowflake' skills to get placed at a summer camp.

For more information or to sign up to Camp America, participants can apply online at http://www.campamerica.co.uk

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Camp America Backs Snowflakes

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