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Industry Pioneer Binary.com Leads the Way in Asia as Best Trading Platform

Jan 03, 2019 (7 months ago) |
LONDON, January 3: Binary.com, the premier platform for online trading, was awarded 'Best Trading Platform in Asia - 2018' at this year's Global Brands Magazine Awards.
Binary.com is renowned for its unparalleled trading services over the last 18 years, setting the benchmark as the pioneer in online trading. What sets Binary.com apart is its powerful yet easy-to-use online trading platform, enabling anyone to learn and start trading. Binary.com is the brainchild of CEO Jean-Yves Sireau, drawing from his years of expertise in software engineering and financial derivatives. In typical Silicon Valley style, Jean-Yves built the origins of Binary.com in his Hong Kong apartment between 1997 and 1999, sparking off a market revolution two decades on.

Since its inception, Binary.com has proven to be resilient and innovative in continually improving its platform, introducing new products, and serving the needs of its clients. Binary.com also provides learning materials in the form of step-by-step guides, webinar videos, daily reports, and more, all of which are available on its website at no extra charge. This relentless focus on the customer is an integral part of Binary's success.

Jean-Yves said, At Binary.com, we offer the best trading experience to our clients, by combining great, user-centric design with the latest trading technology. With all the support provided, we make it easy for new traders to get started quickly and learn about trading and the risks involved.

Besides offering trading services on its website, Binary.com also provides its front-end application programming interfaces (APIs) for developers to build their own trading platforms, backed by its robust pricing technology.

Binary.com takes pride in its achievements and continues to be the leading name in the Asian online trading industry. With a determination to grow, Binary.com is looking forward to new milestones in the New Year.

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Industry Pioneer Binary.com Leads the Way in Asia as Best Trading Platform

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