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Sanya develops free trade zone talks as its Clipper Race team reaches Panama

Jun 11, 2018 (12 months ago) |
PANAMA CITY: After racing some 4,000 nautical miles from Seattle, USA, to Panama in the tenth of thirteen individual races that makes up the biggest round the world yacht race, Clipper Race Chinese team entry Sanya Serenity Coast, crewed by non-professional people from many different walks of life, has been making waves both on and off the water.
Representatives from Sanya used the latest stopover to meet with Manuel Grimaldo, General Manager of Colon Fee Trade Zone, who spoke with Sanya Serenity Coast Ambassador crew members, including selected crew members from the region who fly the flag for the city as they race around the world, about the tropical sailing and tourist destination of Sanya.

MrGrimaldo and representatives from Sanya also discussed free trade zone development worldwide, including the Hainan free trade zone. China aims to establish a free trade zone in Hainan by 2020 and will encourage multinationals to set up their international and regional headquarters there, as part of plans to open up the province's economy to foreign investors. Hainan is known for its sandy beaches and resort-lined coast.

MrGrimaldo said: "Panama is the fastest growing economy in the Latin American countries, with 18 registered free trade areas. We are looking forward to establishing a long friendly cooperation with Hainan and Sanya in the future, keeping closer economic and trade links and welcoming Sanya to Panama again!"

As the tropical resort of Sanya located in Hainan, China, makes its debut as a Host Port and Team Entry on the Clipper Race circuit, its team entry, Sanya Serenity Coast, has been making its mark as it leads the overall Clipper 2017-18 Race standings with just three races left of the circumnavigation.

Sanya has also been taking its advantage of the global race route to forge and develop business, tourism and trade relationships as the Clipper Race stops in ports around the globe. For Sanya, Panama is a significant stopover as since the late 19th century, China has played an important part in the industrial development of Panama and today, more than 300,000 Panamanian-Chinese live in Panama - around 8 per cent of the population.

The Sanya Serenity Coast team, along with its ten evenly matched competitors, will line up to begin Race 11 from Panama to New York on Sunday 3 June and is set to arrive in the American city between 14-16 June.

After reaching New York, the Sanya Serenity Coast team will embark on the Homecoming Leg 8 and set off towards Derry-Londonderry before reaching Liverpool, UK, having completed the circumnavigation.

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Sanya develops free trade zone talks as its Clipper Race team reaches Panama

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