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Yearly Horoscope '2019 Predictions for Zodiac Sign CAPRICORN

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Yearly Horoscope '2019 Predictions for Zodiac Sign CAPRICORN

New York, Dec 31: Yearly Horoscope '2019 predictions by newkerala.com with general forecast, career, romance, finance, health, lucky colors, numbers for the Zodiac Sign Capricorn, The Go-Getter. Your qualities include Patience, Hard-Working, Wise, Practical and Ambitious.

Sign: Goat
Ruling planet: Saturn
Ruling house: Ninth
Element: Earth
Compatible zodiac signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo
Birth Date: December 22- January 20
Personalities born under this sign: Elvis Presley, Mohammad Rafi, Sir Issac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Marilyn Monroe
Lucky colors: Brown, Steel, Grey, Black
Lucky numbers: 1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 17

General Forecast for Zodiac Sign Capricorn:
You dear ones mean a lot to you. They have been deeply troubled in the previous year and that had remained a cause of concern for you too. All your favorite people will have a gala time now and so will you! You will get back your rights to reside in your plushest accommodation as you will be victorious in the legal battle against your relatives. Your communication skills will sharpen up and will open up many new avenues for you.

Career Forecast for Zodiac Sign Capricorn:
Those Capricorn natives who are working in public sectors or judiciary department or are professors will rise to the apex this year. You will reap benefits of your endeavors as well as your precious experience. Those who are in business of machinery, garments, agriculture will flourish well and they will expand their business overseas even. Misunderstanding with colleagues will get sorted out.

Romance Forecast for Zodiac Sign Capricorn:
People of opposite sex may have been troubling you in the professional life but now you will get a chance to tame them. Single people may flirt around as much as they want. Who have already been in relationships will be able to take it to the next level of serious commitment. Relatives will no longer pester you and your family for marrying outside the community. Seems like you are going to change the societal norms!

Finance Forecast for Zodiac Sign Capricorn:
There will be no need of any financial help from anyone. Although there will be majority of friends wanting to render financial support to you if required. Those who are indebted to you will return the borrowed sum and you will have ample amount in your pocket. You will have a clear cut understanding of your budget and will spend accordingly.

Health Forecast for Zodiac Sign Capricorn:
There will be an increase in responsibility and authority. And this is what your favorite role is! All your mental stress will vanish away in no time. Those who have had an injury will heal soon. Those of you who have had suffered from side-effects of medicines will come back to their normal state.

Inspirational Quote for '2019: Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. --Lolly Daskal

Yearly Horoscope '2019 Predictions for Zodiac Sign CAPRICORN

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