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Yearly Horoscope '2019 Predictions for Zodiac Sign GEMINI

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Yearly Horoscope '2019 Predictions for Zodiac Sign GEMINI

New York, Dec 31: Yearly Horoscope '2019 predictions by newkerala.com with general forecast, career, romance, finance, health, lucky colors, numbers for the Zodiac Sign Gemini, The Chatterbox. Your qualities include Smart, Witty, Adaptable, Outspoken and Lively.

Sign: Twins
Ruling planet: Mercury
Ruling house: Third
Element: Air
Compatible zodiac signs: Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Aries
Birth Date: May 22- June 21
Personalities born under this sign: Nargis, Sunil Dutt, Angelina Jolie, Bob Hope, Che Guevara
Lucky colors: Orange, Lemon, Yellow, Green
Lucky numbers: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50

General Forecast for Zodiac Sign Gemini:
This year you will have many gains and the biggest among them would be to get rid of fallacious people around you. They have been trying to inject negative thoughts in your mind and you will soon be saved from them. Those who have been accused of being the major culprits in sex scandals or other such crimes will get a bail. Differences between the lifestyle followed by you and the one adapted by your family may bridge up as well. You may develop many new contacts which will be very beneficial for you and few of them may become your friends for life.

Career Forecast for Zodiac Sign Gemini:
The long-standing disputes will last no longer this year as your opponents will finally learn to compromise. Those who are involved in pharmaceutical work will flourish well.
Gemini people are the wittiest and have the spark to win in every venture they undertake. You may have to travel to far off places in this context.

Romance Forecast for Zodiac Sign Gemini:
Those who had tasted the forbidden fruits shall be forgiven. The extra marital affairs will come to an end and your partner may accept you back in their lives gracefully. You will be more responsible and dedicated in the relationship. You will turn out to be a better lover than before! You can mix pleasure with work without any worries.

Finance Forecast for Zodiac Sign Gemini:
You may come in touch with new people who will prove to be good sources of income for you by pulling quality work for you from various avenues. You will find yourself occupied all the time with plans for increasing your income and that has what you have wanted to do! You may surprisingly receive wealth from lottery or gambling.

Health Forecast for Zodiac Sign Gemini:
There will be absolutely no threat on the health front. You may have been hurt earlier and may reminisce over those memories of the past. But you just need to hold yourself here! Else you may suffer from anxiousness. Those who are workaholic are advised to take regular breaks between their works no matter how tight the schedule is.

Inspirational Quote for '2019: All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. --Walt Disney

Yearly Horoscope '2019 Predictions for Zodiac Sign GEMINI

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