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Central Railways introduces technology to eliminate manual examination of trains

Dec 28, 2018 (6 months ago) |
New Delhi , Dec 27 : The mechanical branch of Central Railways' Nagpur division has introduced a new state-of-the-art technology called Automated Train Examination System (ATES) for the enhancement of train safety.
The system, developed by Konkan Railway Corporation Limited, eliminates manual examination of trains and measures axle box temperature, wheel disc temperature and records the under-gear of rolling stock of running trains through infrared and other cameras.

ATES also checks every train passing through the track on which it is installed and immediately warns about hot axle and brake binding cases.

In the first phase, this system has been installed in Ajni. "Total two units have been installed in Ajni at two places on the railway track, one near Ajni Railway 'A' Cabin which covers all down direction trains coming from Chennai and Mumbai to Nagpur and the other near Ajni Basic Training Centre, which covers up direction freight trains coming in Ajni Yard. Each unit has two cameras and four sensors, which are installed on both sides of the track. As soon as the train passes through this track, all the sensors and cameras get activated and monitor every movement of the train," a press statement read.

The sensors record the temperature of the axle box bearings of the train and the wheel. As soon as the temperature exceeds its threshold limit, alert messages are generated by the system indicating the excessive temperature of bearings and/or brake binding. After the alert message is received, the Railway engineers examine the train in the yard and attend the fault, thus avoiding potential danger.

"Similarly, cameras record video of the fast-moving train and by watching this recording in 'slow motion' any defect can be identified and the potential danger can be avoided," the statement added. The video recordings and temperature sensor record can be kept stored for a long time.

The ATES was inaugurated remotely by General Manager Central Railway Devendra Kumar Sharma at Betul station, on December 18, during the annual inspection of Itrasi- Amla section.

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Central Railways introduces technology to eliminate manual examination of trains

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