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Scooters India plans to develop electric Lambretta

Dec 16, 2018 (6 months ago) |
Mumbai, Dec 15 : To diversify its product portfolio, the state-owned Scooters India (SIL) plans to develop an electric version of its bestseller two-wheeler Lambretta.
According to a regulatory filing, the decision to diversify its product range with the development of electric vehicles (EVs) was taken by the company's Board.

"Board of Directors of SIL took note in its meeting that SIL would be diversifying its product range in line with upcoming EV market in the country," the company said in a filing to the BSE on December 14.

"SIL is in discussion with BHEL, NTPC, EVI Technologies, Murata technologies, Japan Sun Mobility and Xnrgi, USA for technology or logistics partnerships."

As per the filing, the company intends to develop "Vikram EV: 3+1 Passenger Category", "Vikram EV: Sub 1.0 Ton Goods Carrier Category", "Electric 2 Wheeler-Lambretta EV" and "Electric 4 Wheeler: Sub 2.0 Ton Goods Carrier and Passenger Category".

In addition, the company has already received ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology) approval for its "6+1 variant namely VIKRAM -- EV and Electric Vehicle Load carrier of 1250 GVW".

"The company is planning for commercial launch of the same shortly," the filing added.

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Scooters India plans to develop electric Lambretta

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