Chemistree Provides Washington State Operations Update

VANCOUVER: Chemistree Technology Inc. (Canadian Securities Exchange: CHM) (US OTCQB: CHMJF) (the Company or Chemistree) is pleased to announce the following significant developments as provided by its licensee partner managing the cultivation, processing and delivery to points of sale of the Sugarleaf branded suite of products.

Sugarleaf Product Development

Sugarleaf is pleased to now have 18 different strains of high-quality cannabis being grown in rotation, including 9 major strains in high production and 9 minor strains in smaller batch production. Traditionally a producer of high-quality cannabis flower products, Sugarleaf is now pleased to report that it is soon to launch its own line of cannabis oil-based products, to be dispensed in a special edition Sugarleaf branded Vapor Slide V2. The Vapor Slide V2 is a revolutionary distillate vaporizer that is the perfect hybrid between pen and dab. This is an exciting product as concentrates typically sell at a much higher price per gram than flower-based products and products similar to this account for approximately half of all cannabis sales in Washington State. This will be Sugarleaf's first product launch into the concentrates market and plans are already in place to expand the Sugarleaf brand into other products and devices before the end of Q1, 2019.

Sugarleaf Team Marketing Events

On November 28, Sugarleaf was pleased to host Joel from CustomGrow420, a hugely popular YouTube channel with over 1.6 million subscribers. Joel conducted an extensive video walkthrough of the revamped Sugarleaf operation, providing his subscribers with an in depth look at the various strains under cultivation and an interview with Chemistree Chairman, Justin Chorbajian. This video tour has now been released on YouTube and can be found here:

Sugarleaf and Chemistree were also co-sponsors of the High Times magazine party held during the MJBiz cannabis conference held November 14-16 in Las Vegas. This event was a huge success and provided significant exposure for both the Sugarleaf brand and Chemistree as a growing player in the US cannabis market.

The Sugarleaf team was recently host to writers from Dope Magazine, one of the largest global media publications in the cannabis industry. Sugarleaf team members proudly displayed the Sugarleaf facility and appeared in a 2-page article in Dope Magazine's October 2018 issue. The story Sugarleaf Goes Green and Makes an Impact is available at

Through a series of targeted initiatives, Sugarleaf recently hosted a group of Bud Tenders from one of the largest retailers in Washington State to celebrate a brand-new event called High In The Sky. Sugarleaf introduced its new brands to these important industry people while enjoying a tour of the newly revamped Sugarleaf facility as well as a helicopter ride over the scenic San Juan Islands. More High In The Sky events are planned for the near future to continue to expand the Sugarleaf brand.

Grow Facility Update

Chemistree is also pleased to report that the Sugarleaf facility has undergone significant infrastructure upgrades and design improvements, including the addition of an automated irrigation system allowing the Sugarleaf cannabis product to be grown more consistently, maintaining its high-quality standard while simultaneously reducing labour costs. Operational performance and improvements include introducing new nutrient feed programs by Green Planet Nutrients custom tailored to fit high yield plant growth, changing growing methods to allow for less labour and higher plant count which will generate larger yields, and the introduction of new genetics.
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Chemistree Provides Washington State Operations Update