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Student Attendance Tracking Solution AccuClass Releases New Features

Dec 08, 2018 (5 months ago) |
Student Attendance Tracking Solution AccuClass Releases New Features

OVIEDO, Fla: Engineerica Systems, a veteran company specializing in student and event tracking, has released a major update to their AccuClass product.
This update introduces new effective methods of tracking student attendance, a student facing mobile app, and customization options to better personalize your AccuClass account for your institution.

AccuClass is a cloud based software designed specifically for student tracking. The system is convenient and effective, offering multiple ways of recording student attendance across multiple devices and locations. Instructors can use their own Apple or Android device to record attendance or if more traditional methods are preferred, sign in stations can be set up with ID readers. Timeclocks are also usable with the AccuClass system.

The AccuClass mobile app was mainly intended for Instructors to log in and track their student's attendance. However, with the introduction of the newest update, Students are now able to log into the mobile app. Students will be able to sign in and out of class, check their attendance, and set their own Preferred name. This Preferred name will be viewable by Instructors on their own app or through the website. Students will also be able to record themselves saying their own name through the mobile app. Instructors will be able to listen to the recordings either from the app or the website and learn how to correctly pronounce the names of their students.

To take advantage of students now being able to access the mobile app, AccuClass has also introduced two new methods of tracking attendance: Proximity Sign In and QR Display Sign In. Proximity Sign In utilizes the widely available Bluetooth technology built into most handheld devices. This allows Instructors to be able to turn their mobile device into a beacon allowing students to sign in if they are within range of the beacon device. Students logged into the app will be able to sign into the class with a single tap. QR Display is similar to AccuClass's traditional method of Instructors scanning a student's QR code to sign them into class. However, the Instructor can now display a Sign In and Out QR Code which students can scan using their device to sign themselves into or out of class.

Live Polls was also introduced with this update. Instructors will be able to actively engage students by creating questions for their students to answer straight from their mobile device. Instructors will be able to quickly receive responses and view them via charts and graphs.

In order to facilitate the adoption of these new features, AccuClass has also implemented Single Sign On (SSO) support. Institutions will be able to set up their account so that both Instructors and Students will only need to remember one login for AccuClass and their school online portal.

Aside from those features, AccuClass has also been updated with several other improvements including announcements as push notifications through the mobile app, attendance statuses per class, and the ability to upload your institution's logo.

Many institutions are already utilizing these new features to engage their students and accurately track attendance in a convenient and accessible method. AccuClass offers all this and more. Institutions interested in learning more or want to try out AccuClass can visit this link to open a complimentary trial account: http://www.accuclass.net/#CreateAccount

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Student Attendance Tracking Solution AccuClass Releases New Features

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