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Popbar - Handcrafted Gelato on A Stick - Opens in Sacramento, California

Dec 08, 2018 (6 months ago) |
Popbar - Handcrafted Gelato on A Stick - Opens in Sacramento, California

SACRAMENTO, Calif: Popbar, the maker of customizable popGelato, popSorbetto, and yogurtPops, founded in New York City in 2010 opened its first location in Sacramento in Downtown Commons.
Pop in for a special BOGO deal through grand opening day on December 14th, when the first 50 customers will be treated to free pops, and one lucky fan will win free pops for a year.

Dedicated to serving 'the best' in frozen treats, Popbar serves handcrafted gelato, sorbetto, and yogurt in a new way - on a stick. All pops are made in-house daily with all natural ingredients.

On the menu, you'll find 40+ rotating flavors ranging from classics (Chocolate, Vanilla) to the more unique (Green Tea, Passion Fruit), and even seasonal ones too (Watermelon, Pumpkin Pie). You can enjoy your pop as-is, or customize to your liking. Premium dippings and toppings include dark, milk, and white chocolate, nuts, sprinkles, waffle cone, caramel corn, and more!

At Popbar, a mouthwatering experience awaits everyone, even those looking for vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free options. All popSorbettos are vegan-dairy-gluten-soy-free, and all popGelatos and yogurtPops are gluten-soy free. Other indulgences include Popbar's latest creation, gelatoShake. Available in 6 delicious flavors, the 16oz drink is served in a milk-jug style cup with a chocolate dipped waffle cone overflowing with whipped cream!

All this decadence can be attributed to Italian roots and a love for supremely delicious treats. Blending authenticity, innovation, and high quality ingredients, Popbar became a recipe for success, and the contemporary concept has been changing the way we enjoy our favorite Italian desserts since - on an international scale.

Popbar currently has 22 stores in the US in states like AZ, CA, FL, NC, NY, and TX, and 11 stores internationally in countries like Canada, Panama, and Singapore, but this is just the beginning. There are currently 4 more stores under construction in new territories, and many more to come.

Popbar Sacramento is the brand's third Northern Cali location, but the first to open in Sactown, California's fastest growing city. Located in Downtown Commons, also known as DOCO, shoppers can now shop 'til they pop in the two-level mixed-use entertainment center.

We're absolutely thrilled to finally be opening Popbar here at DOCO, says Loc Tran, Popbar franchisee. We can't wait to serve our all natural, handcrafted pops, shakes, and more to the Sacramento community. Foodies and dessert lovers' beware - our treats are fully customizable and dangerously delicious!

While Popbar is expanding rapidly, the brand maintains a 'mom and pop' feel at all locations with the help of its hand-selected franchisees. Each store prides itself on Popbar's original values - superior quality, in-house production, outstanding service, authenticity, and family-friendly fun. New stores quickly become classic neighborhood spots, and supplies like fruit and milk are purchased locally.

Popbar is a perfect treat for anyone - baby to adult, and for any occasion - dessert date to midnight snack. With so many flavors and combinations to try, just one visit won't do. You'll definitely want to stop in for a love at first bite experience, but if you're a foodie, don't forget to snap a picture of your pop first - that is, if you can wait.

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Popbar - Handcrafted Gelato on A Stick - Opens in Sacramento, California

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