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Local Collision Center Keeps Breaking the Mold

Dec 08, 2018 (6 months ago) |
Local Collision Center Keeps Breaking the Mold

EL PASO, Texas: One of the most difficult vehicles to restore correctly due to its size would be a semi-truck, not only because they are fundamentally created different than a personal car, but because you need a clean space big enough to apply fresh paint after fixing the damage to the body or frame.
Most semi-trucks use fiber glass in large areas of the body and it takes special equipment to access its computer to diagnose any electrical problem, so only highly trained technicians are able to restore them to fully working condition.

Getting an even application of paint in large areas such as the hood of the semi-truck and match the color without any flaws is also a challenge for any expert. It takes years of experience and an attention to detail to fully restore any vehicle back to driving conditions. A year after their grand opening Charly's Body Shop has expanded, added more personal and acquired the right tools to fix and restore small, median and large vehicles. This small company based in El Paso has proven time and time again that quality can be achieved through high standards and the collaboration of highly skilled technicians.

When restoring any car after an accident one should always prioritize the safety features the car had as well as the overall health of the car's frame. In a case where a semi-truck was involved in an accident there are more factors into play when restoring it. Semi-trucks tend to carry heavy cargo for long distances so the first thing to check after an accident is the frame, any cracks, vents or separations between welds have to be fix or replaced with new parts. Depending on the scale of the damage things like sensors and other engine components will have to be replaced by OEM parts from an authorized dealer. Used car components should be avoided as it is really hard to know and diagnose the remaining life span or any hidden defects it might come with. Charly's Body Shop remains committed to fallow these high standards in order to provide El Paso's trucking community the best service possible anywhere at a reasonable price. They also offer free estimates as well as free towing to all their clients. They also do costume work such as body kit installation and engine modification. Most resent project includes a car kit knows as Vedor where a 2003-2007 Infiniti G35 is transformed into a super car.

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Local Collision Center Keeps Breaking the Mold

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