Celebrating 18 Years of Comments on the Art Market

Celebrating 18 Years of Comments on the Art Market
NEW YORK: Rehs Galleries Inc., a New York gallery specializing in 19th and 20th-century works of art, announces the release of Comments on the Art Market - Volume 216.

The first edition of the gallery's monthly newsletter Comments on the Art Market was released in January 2001. It began as a sort of instruction manual for people entering the art market. Early volumes discussed authenticity, quality, condition, size, title, provenance, storage, insurance, etc. By 2002, highlights from recent auction sales were included and as the years rolled on, auction reviews became a staple.

What started out as a short (1 page) effort written entirely by Howard Rehs, has now become detailed and in-depth reporting of the current state of the art market. Included are stories about upcoming events, a section known as Tales from the Dark Side (by Alyssa Rehs) which touches on crime and punishment in the art world, another part titled Really (by Amy Rehs) that highlights items from different markets (autos, stamps, coins, etc.) that made incredible prices, and the all important reviews of recent auction sales - a section handled each month by both Howard Rehs and Lance Rehs.

In the fall of 2018, the gallery began looking back to the newsletter's roots and started revisiting and updating the topics they covered in the early editions in a section now called: How To Safely Navigate The Art Market. The October issue discussed Authenticity; in November it was Title (the legal kind), and the current issue covers Provenance (something every work has; but in many instances, may be unknown).

Howard Rehs stated, Since prices for certain works of art are now at levels never before seen or imagined, people really need to understand all the facets of the art world. Comments on the Art Market gives its readers an education on the overall market and what to consider before jumping in. I have always stressed that the art world is like a jungle and buyers need to find the right guide, otherwise they will become someone's next meal.

Each upcoming edition of the gallery's monthly newsletter (sent via email and available on the website - https://rehs.com/newsletterarchives.htm) will revisit one of the early topics.

For more information, visit https://www.rehs.com or call Howard Rehs at (212) 355-5710
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Celebrating 18 Years of Comments on the Art Market