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Toronto Hydro wants you to give the gift of emergency preparedness this holiday season

Dec 08, 2018 (6 months ago) |
TORONTO: As we approach the fifth anniversary of the 2013 ice storm, we're encouraging our customers to consider gifting loved ones with emergency kit essentials.
While power outages are usually short and don't happen often, the ice storm knocked out power to approximately 300,000 Toronto Hydro customers on December 22, 2013 and the event lasted for 13 days.

That's why this year is the perfect time to help loved ones prepare for unexpected events by giving emergency essentials such as flashlights, radios, extra batteries and rechargeable power banks for devices. They make great stocking stuffers and can fit any budget. If you're looking for bigger ticket items, consider purchasing first aid kits, crank radios, battery-operated lanterns, or ready-made, 72-hour emergency kits.

We have a list of all the must-have items to keep your friends and family comfortable through an extended outage at torontohydro.com/beprepared. We also have emergency preparedness guides available in Chinese, Spanish, Somali, Tamil and Urdu.

Emergency kit essentials include:

Bottled water - 4 litres of water per person, per day
Non-perishable food and a manual can opener
First aid kit with bandages and alcohol wipes
Cooler bag and ice packs to keep medications cold
Cash on hand in case ATMs don't work
Flashlights and fresh batteries
Wind-up or battery-operated radio
Don't forget your pets! Have identification on your animals and enough pet food and water in your emergency kit for at least three days

Kits should have enough supplies to last for 72 hours and should be customized for families including aging parents and young children.


The 2013 ice storm impacted almost 60% of Toronto Hydro's customer base
In 2018, five extreme weather events left approximately 175,000 Toronto Hydro customers without power
A Toronto Hydro survey conducted in 2017 found that just 9% of customers have emergency kits
Never use barbecues, propane heaters or portable generators indoors or in enclosed spaces such as garages, covered porches or sheds - they generate carbon monoxide gas, which can be fatal


It can be hard to find unique gifts for friends and family during the holidays. But emergency kit essentials are practical, and not something people often buy for themselves. Show your loved ones you care this year by getting them ready for emergencies, such as power outages.

- Christina Basil, Media Relations Specialist, Toronto Hydro

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Toronto Hydro wants you to give the gift of emergency preparedness this holiday season

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