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'Not Quite Home' For The Holidays May Make Your (And Your Family's) Season Brighter

Dec 08, 2018 (5 months ago) |
DALLAS: Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us and while it's time to get together and cherish our loved ones, there may be some unwanted baggage along the way.
According to a new survey from Motel 6, the leader in economy lodging, 98 percent of holiday travelers expect to feel stress during the holidays and nearly one in five are already feeling the pressure to stay with family during this holiday season.

While it may save you a few pennies upfront (68 percent of travelers say cost savings is a key factor in staying with their family over the holidays), opting out of the guest bedroom or your childhood bunk bed can do wonders for your mood in the long run. Of the millions of Americans who intend to travel home, 67 percent will experience stress over having to stay with family or friends, typically due to crowding (hello, basement air mattress) and lack of privacy (how many cousins can share one bathroom?). Pets provide challenges, too - will your parents welcome your pug? (They're family, too!)

Another reason for holiday travel stress: guilt. The survey, which polled more than 1,000 21-70 years old U.S. residents, found that 61 percent wouldn't mind a get out of feeling guilty card so that they didn't have to stay with family, and 82 percent of travelers would appreciate receiving a gift of a motel or hotel stay from their family. Gift giving just got easier!

Bring peace to your family gatherings...by staying near, but elsewhere
Forty-eight percent of those surveyed stated they would get along better with their family during the holidays if they didn't have to stay in the same place. Of those that travel with their significant others, 51 percent agree that they would get along better as a pair if they didn't have to stay with relatives over the holidays.

We've all been there: staying on a couch at your family's home that is filled for the holidays. But it doesn't have to be that way, said Rob Palleschi, CEO of G6 Hospitality, which owns, manages and franchises the Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands. The survey shows that being at home - but not sleeping at home - could be one way to make the season a little brighter and jollier for everyone.

The idea of staying not quite home for the holidays appealed to 71 percent of those surveyed, who would consider staying elsewhere if they had a clean, comfortable, affordable and convenient alternative.

Keep your holidays merry - and still affordable - by booking a stay at one of the 1,450 Motel 6 and Studio 6 locations across the U.S. and Canada at www.motel6.com or www.staystudio6.com. Traveling with furry friends? Pets are always welcome at all Motel 6 (where they stay free) and Studio 6 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

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'Not Quite Home' For The Holidays May Make Your (And Your Family's) Season Brighter

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