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Symbian co-founder and futurist, David Wood on 'Predicting 2025' at The Blue Circle

New Delhi , Dec 7 : The Blue Circle organized its latest event on 3rd Dec 2018 at The Leela, Gurgaon where noted futurist David Wood spoke on Predicting 2025.

The talk was moderated by public intellectual, Pavan Choudary and was attended by a distinguished audience of 80+ CEOs and Industrialists.

The discussion began with David Wood making an eye-opening presentation on what the future of Business and work would look like in 2025.

In summary, David underlined the importance of why leaders need to develop better agility to respond to current business challenges as well as hone their foresight by following closely the Technological, Human and Social Trends.

However this (adapting) cannot be done alone. It needs a platform where individuals and businesses can come together and learn. The Blue Circle provides an excellent platform for leaders to handle present disruptions and prepare for the future jointly, added David.

David prophesied that the new wave of artificial intelligence and deep learning will take away many a job but also added that if this wave is ridden well, it could lead to greater creativity and fulfillment for the society at large.

As new technologies come in, they will take away backbreaking and soul deadening work and man will be able to explore creativity in different fields like art, music, philosophy or just business innovation, he said.

Pavan Choudary said, The manager of the future will need the ability to reorganise, lead people who have more than one employer and work with contrarians.

He added, Our ability to think, learn and adapt have helped humans stay indispensable and ahead of the machines in the march of progress. However now machines are fast becoming capable of thinking, learning and adapting. This will put many people out of work and the society will need to consider social security solutions like a Universal Basic Income. Governments will need to lead the way with alacrity. He also said, A very reassuring point about the current government and our Prime Minister is that they are well cued in to AI, Block Chain and IoT and this awareness may keep India at the vanguard of this 4thIndustrial revolution.

Founder of The Blue Circle, Siddharth Anand said, The Blue Circle is an exclusive community of like-minded and thinking Business leaders. Our objective is to assist this group of leaders in adapting to the Disruptive Present & getting Future Ready by curating events which provide bursts of new and relevant knowledge. We are attempting thus to nurture a fraternity of Business leaders which learns, evolves and grows together in spirit of true camaraderie.

The session ended with questions from the audience which deepened the theme.

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Symbian co-founder and futurist, David Wood on 'Predicting 2025' at The Blue Circle

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