• Thursday, 24 January 2019

Sprint's Network is ready for the 2018 Hurricane Season

OVERLAND PARK, Kan: With a dramatically improved network and significant investments that continue to improve coverage, reliability and speed, Sprint (NYSE: S) is ready for the 2018 Hurricane Season - which officially begins on June 1 and runs through Nov. 30.

Ahead of subtropical storm Alberto and what is predicted to be yet another active season, the company took a number of actions to strengthen its network in hurricane-prone cities and states. These include:

Continued investment of new cell sites and small cell technology that help to significantly boost capacity and data speeds throughout coastal areas;
Installed pumps and raised the equipment platforms at flood-prone sites;
Added alarms at sites to help identify water intrusion and address any issues prior to equipment being impacted;
Performed ongoing maintenance, and ensured fixed and portable generators are topped off with fuel;
Reviewed portable generator storage locations and adjusted fleet counts as needed to better support field teams and restoration/recovery efforts;
Continued ongoing upgrades to existing cell sites to leverage all three of Sprint's spectrum bands - providing a larger coverage footprint, and faster, more reliable service;
Ensured emergency response equipment such as SatCOLTs (satellite cell sites on light truck) and VSATs (portable satellite systems) are ready to deploy during emergency events;
Conducted periodic training and readiness exercises during the year; and
Convened more than a thousand Sprint reservists who are on stand-by and ready to jump into action alongside Sprint's Emergency Response Team (ERT) during a disaster.

"Sprint is prepared for the new hurricane season," said Joe Meyer, Sprint vice president, Network Service Assurance. "Mother Nature reminded us last year, that it only takes one storm to cause catastrophic damage. That's one of the reasons why we're focused on continuing to make investments in our network. Doing this work well in advance of a major weather event helps to ensure our customers are able to depend on our network during critical times."

The time for businesses and individuals to have their hurricane action plan ready is now. These plans should absolutely include measures to help keep wireless communications available before, during and after a storm. Some tips Sprint recommends include:

Write down important numbers such as medical services, insurance company, and friends and family on paper, seal it in a plastic bag, and keep it in a safe place in the event your device loses power.
Keep mobile devices and batteries fully charged in case of commercial power loss.
When not in use, conserve your device's battery by powering off.
During a major weather event, use text messaging when possible due to high call volumes and possible network congestion in the local area.