• Thursday, 21 March 2019

Tech21 Unveils Exclusive Collaboration with Liberty London

LONDON: Tech21, the leader in impact protection for mobile devices, is pleased to announce an exclusive new collaboration with Liberty London, the famed London retailer known for its iconic prints. Designed in London, the collaboration marries directional print design with advanced protection for your mobile device.

The new tech21xLiberty London range features ten different print designs available across three product styles: Evo Luxe, Pure Print and Pure Design. All three styles contain high-performing impact materials unique to tech21 which absorb impact energy, protecting the device inside drop after drop.

"We are thrilled to announce the collaboration between these two successful British brands," said Colin Woodward, tech21 CEO. "Famed for its original curation, directional design and celebration of craftsmanship, Liberty London was the perfect partner for tech21 to collaborate with on a product range which delivers distinctive patterns and design paired with our high-performing protection technology."

"At Liberty, we like to discover new and unconventional ways to delight the Artistic shopper," said Adil Khan, CEO at Liberty London. "Tech 21 and their pioneering cases gave us an opportunity to create a beautiful fashion accessory and participate with our craft to the high profile launches from the world's premier smartphone brands. We are really impressed with Tech 21's high performance technology and how they have so tastefully matched it to our most Iconic prints designs."

Tech21xLiberty London cases will be available online at tech21.com and libertylondon.com, as well as in select retailers globally.

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Tech21 Unveils Exclusive Collaboration with Liberty London

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