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Shared-Use Model Recognized as Innovative Way for Small Businesses to Attract Prospects

Nov 10, 2018 (6 months ago) |
PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y: RingBoost was awarded "2018 Campaign of the Year" by Somos, Inc. for the promotion of its Shared-Use toll-free number 1-800-HOMECARE.
The second annual Toll-Free Industry Awards took place during the 2018 Toll-Free Industry User Summit in Las Vegas in early October. According to Somos's website, the Campaign of the Year award is "given in recognition of an outstanding marketing campaign that has promoted Toll-Free Numbers in a fresh new way." RingBoost's 1-800-HOMECARE was one of five nominees alongside brands such as Bad Boys Bail Bonds, Desert Vein and Vascular Institute, and 1-800-PREPARE.com, and eventually won top honors.

RingBoost was specifically recognized for "harnessing the power of an established, nationwide number at an affordable price." The Shared-Use model enables small businesses to gain access to super-premium numbers by exclusively licensing within the markets they serve. Calls are automatically routed based on the location of the caller at time of call using Telesmart Call Routing. Memorable numbers are proven to increase advertising response rates. They conjure a sense of credibility and trustworthiness and help businesses drive more leads.

"For small businesses looking to get a running start, having a super-memorable number is hugely helpful on many fronts," says RingBoost VP of Business Development Paul Faust. "It is a unique marketing tool that conveys concise, impactful messages and acts as a call-to-action in outreach campaigns. Having access to a premium number at a fraction of the nationwide cost can be the critical element that helps a business get into high-growth mode. The Shared-Use model was built to help companies that serve local communities stand out and gain a quick competitive advantage."

RingBoost has over 1000 customers on the Shared-Use model. While 1-800-HOMECARE's mission is focused on connecting patients and home health providers more efficiently, RingBoost promotes Shared-Use numbers across all industries including legal, home services, financial services, and among others. RingBoost Shared-Use licensees have cited increases in inbound lead call volume of up to 300%.

For more information visit www.RingBoost.com.

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Shared-Use Model Recognized as Innovative Way for Small Businesses to Attract Prospects

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