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American Mint Announces Brand New Website Design

Nov 10, 2018 (5 months ago) |
MECHANICSBURG, Pa: American Mint, LLC President Kevin Sacher proudly announced the unveiling of a brand new design for the American Mint website.
Launching in mid-October, the overhauled site adds a wide selection of newly released products to the lineup of limited-edition collectibles and genuine legal tender offered by American Mint.

Some of the new features implemented across the site include: a stream-lined ordering process; wishlists and order history to easily keep track of past and future orders; and improved security functions to protect and secure personal account information. To start browsing American Mint's extensive selection of collectible coins, replicas, and genuine currency, simply visit the new website at www.americanmint.com.

"We listened to our customers' suggestions and implemented the most requested features," Sacher said. "In addition to the same great service and high-quality products you've come to expect from American Mint, we hope the fresh look and convenient features will make it even easier for our customers to continue adding great new pieces to their collections."

American Mint is a leading provider of high quality collectible coins, knives, and other memorabilia, and has served more than a million customers from its Mechanicsburg facility. As an international direct mail marketer, American Mint's parent company operates in nine countries and has served 10 million serious collectors around the world. For more information about American Mint, please visit www.americanmint.com.

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American Mint Announces Brand New Website Design

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