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KitSplit, the rental marketplace for cameras, launches in Atlanta

Nov 10, 2018 (5 months ago) |
NEW YORK: KitSplit, the community marketplace for camera rentals, today announced that they are officially launching in Atlanta.
The company, which has been called The Airbnb of creative equipment by Forbes, allows filmmakers and photographers to save time and money renting camera gear from vetted local professionals & small businesses.

The streamlined KitSplit rental process offers the industry's most affordable instant rental insurance, free concierge service, and gear experts on-call.

We come to Atlanta with a 'rent local, shoot local' approach. We're focused on helping the creative community. Atlanta is the next big thing in the film industry, and is in great need of easier access to gear and resources, says KitSplit cofounder and CEO Lisbeth Kaufman.

To celebrate the launch, KitSplit is offering a 20% discount on all camera gear rentals in Atlanta for November. To see gear for rent and use the discount, join here: https://kitsplit.com/rent-in/Atlanta-GA

In addition to providing an incredible service for camera gear renters, KitSplit allows qualified gear owners—including individuals, studios, production companies, and rental houses— to earn extra money renting out their gear. In advance of the official launch, hundreds of Atlanta creators have already applied and been accepted to rent out their camera gear. The region already has millions of dollars worth of gear available for rent.

While anyone in the US can browse and use the site for free, a city launch signifies that a particular city has been populated with gear owners ready for booking. Additionally, KitSplit will be hosting regular community events in the city. Launches in other major US cities will continue to roll out.

We are particularly excited about empowering creators in Atlanta to save time and money on Atlanta camera gear rentals, says KitSplit President and Cofounder Kristina Budelis. The creative community here is exploding, but there just aren't enough camera rental resources. We hear of films trucking in gear from thousands of miles away. Now that KitSplit is here, productions from all over the country can easily rent on the ground in Atlanta.

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KitSplit, the rental marketplace for cameras, launches in Atlanta

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