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Diego Tinoco Helps Launch Friends On Lock, DoSomething.org's National Campaign Against Impaired Driving

Nov 09, 2018 (5 months ago) |
NEW YORK: Problem: Road crashes are the leading cause of death for young people in the US. Another problem? Warnings from parents and scare tactics from ads don't always keep teenagers safe on the road. Know what does? Reminders from friends.
By preventing impaired driving (driving while drunk, high, or drowsy), young people could save up to 15,000 lives a year. That's why Diego Tinoco, is helping launch "Friends On Lock," a groundbreaking new campaign from General Motors and DoSomething.org, the largest not-for-profit exclusively for young people and social change.

Watch Tinoco kick off "Friends On Lock" with a very personal (and impactful!) game of "This or That?" in a brand-new video.

Through the "Friends On Lock" campaign, thousands of young people will give their friends a spare key (house key, mailbox key, locker key, etc.), along with a note that says, "Want to know the key to our friendship? Text SAFE to 38383." When young people text in, they'll learn the "key to their friendship" is having each other's back, and receive customized research-backed tips on avoiding and preventing impaired driving.

"Impaired driving is a serious issue, but research shows that doom-and-gloom messaging isn't effective at helping young drivers, passengers, and pedestrians make safer choices," says Carrie Bloxson, Chief Marketing Officer of DoSomething.org. "That's why 'Friends On Lock' is so helpful -- it gives a generation of young people the power and the tools to save lives, starting with the people they care about most."

"I'd do anything for my friends, from helping them study to helping them get dressed for a date. So of course I want to do whatever I can to keep them safe on the road," Tinoco says. "Being a part of 'Friends On Lock' is amazing. In the video, I got to open up about myself and my relationships, while making a difference on a really important cause. Talk about a win-win."

"Friends On Lock" runs through January 15, and young people can sign up by visiting www.dosomething.org/us/campaigns/friends-lock or by texting SAFE to 38383. Those who participate will enter to win a $5,000 scholarship from DoSomething and General Motors.

"We are pleased to work with DoSomething.org once again to help rally teen and young adults around safe driving," said Tricia Morrow, General Motors Safety Engineer. "Impaired driving, the focus of this campaign, is a road safety issue facing teens today. Using innovative ways to reach this young population is critically important."

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Diego Tinoco Helps Launch Friends On Lock, DoSomething.org's National Campaign Against Impaired Driving

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