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This Veterans Day, Are You Doing Enough to Honor the Memories of Those Who Fought for Our Country?

Nov 08, 2018 (6 months ago) |
WINDSOR, Ontario: It is only natural to think about the freedoms Americans have won as a result of the sacrifices made by veterans of the armed forces.
As Veterans Day approaches, along with the parades and retail sales, award-winning author and speaker Melissa Lyons suggests that we pause to consider what it really means to live as free people aligned with our true purpose.

In some cases, Lyons says, that may mean letting go of the raw grief and guilt that may be lingering after losing a veteran in battle, in service to the country or after passing away. In I Will Always Love You, which won two Independent Publisher Awards this year, Lyons writes: Realize that by letting me (the deceased person) go you give us both freedom more than you know. She says, Slight changes in our perspective can change the trajectory of our lives.

Perhaps the best way to honor veterans, she says, is to use their memory to enhance our lives and those of future generations. She suggests asking yourself these questions:

What would your deceased loved one want you to do if the roles were reversed?
What makes you happy? (Hint: It provides a clue to your life purpose)
Are you focusing on life goals instead of the journey?
What could you be doing to make the world better for the next generation?

Through writing and publishing I Will Always Love You, Lyons has found her own purpose. She is reaching other people who are doing what she had been doing: living life on autopilot. A successful entrepreneur, she decided to pause her life to work on her first book. Her planned three-month period of dialing back her life ended up lasting 30 months. The book has allowed her to bring peace and comfort to many people who are mourning.

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This Veterans Day, Are You Doing Enough to Honor the Memories of Those Who Fought for Our Country?

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