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Changing Recruiting for the Better - One Life at a Tim

Nov 08, 2018 (6 months ago) |
SAN FRANCISCO: Recruiting has earned a bad rep. Pushy tactics, spammy approaches and treating people like the next number to hit has made recruiters disliked and the field of recruiting impersonal. But one highly successful recruiter is changing recruiting for the better - one life at a time.
Brianna Rooney, The Millionaire Recruiter and founder of Techees, approaches recruiting very differently. Working out of the Bay Area of California where technology is king, Rooney has perfected her own style of recruiting. One that focuses on treating each candidate as an individual, with their own set of needs and factors, and never like a number. Rooney thrives on helping each company and each candidate find their perfect match. She says that, above all, you must remember that these are people's lives. A career change affects everything for them. And this considerate philosophy has made her wildly successful.

Desiring to spread her healthier approach to recruiting, Rooney set out to teach others. She was tired of the prevalent problem in recruiting where most recruiters are taught that it's more about the numbers and less about the people. She identified a large disconnect between the demand to find good talent and the number of well-trained recruiters. To combat that, she grew Techees and taught others her better way.

From day one of joining Techees, there was a night and day difference in my training, said Hannah Breen of Techees. One thing I remembered in my first day of training was my founder saying, 'I live and die by my candidates'. That really resonated with me.

Breen's experience isn't unique.

Heather Miyamoto of Techees said, When I first started recruiting [before Techees], I was taught to call everyone, all the time, at any time. I was taught to get what you need by any means necessary.

Another Techees employee, Madison Lee, reinforced that Rooney doesn't stand for those kind of tactics, instead focusing on the people involved and not the numbers they may represent. Rooney's approach to recruiting retrained Miyamoto to steer clear of the methods she'd learned before.

Miyamoto noted that those old tactics she'd originally learned were consistent with the results of giving recruiters a bad rep. She added that, in the recruiting industry, there's always stories of companies spamming potential clients, matching them with jobs that don't fit their background or pushing clients to accept offers that aren't right for them -- all things that leave a bad taste in the mouth of those who may work with recruiters. And Miyamoto is glad she now knows Rooney's better way.

Today, I have a whole new way of recruiting, Miyamoto stated.

After training a large number of highly successful recruiters one-on-one, Rooney sought a way to help even more people. Not everyone could come to her office but what if she could come to theirs? Thus, her e-Course was born.

Rooney's three hour intensive e-Course is a guide to sourcing, interacting with clients, negotiating, getting new clients, using the best recruiting tools in the industry and honoring the cardinal rules of recruiting.

And it doesn't matter if someone has recruited before or never tried the career at all. Some of Rooney's own top employees didn't start out as recruiters. Others began as recruiters, but weren't well trained and had found themselves struggling. Now, they're all matching candidates with companies successfully and in a positive manner.

A contributing factor to that success, Breen said, is a number of documents that guide you. They include training materials, quizzes, sample resumes, and even a list of top computer science schools for those who plan on recruiting in the technology field. Rooney made sure these invaluable documents are included in the e-Course.

[These documents] make it extremely smooth and streamlined when I talk to candidates, said Breen. All the information is always in front of me. I never have to sound unsure of myself, which is extremely embarrassing when you are talking to candidates.

The e-Course is very thorough and includes hands-on training sessions that mimic what Rooney teaches in person. Training covers topics such as perfecting a resume, cleaning up a LinkedIn profile, how to read resumes and job descriptions correctly, how to conduct Boolean searches, how to write emails, and how to negotiate with the client and companies. It even explains venture capital funding and equity.

I feel proud of the way we work, Lee concluded. We make sure to listen to our candidates and the companies we work with, we do everything ethically, and that makes closing deals easier.

Those who also want to be proud of the way they work (while making a very good living) can purchase the e-Course at https://themillionairerecruiter.com/.

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Changing Recruiting for the Better - One Life at a Tim

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