• Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Positive Accolades Roll in for Sober Up and For Former Red Bull UK CEO Harry Drnec

HOUSTON: Sober Up, a detox shot made from naturally sourced ingredients that detoxes the body, helps support liver health and helps tackle the cause of a hangover, is getting the attention of people from all over.

Sober Up set its initial funding goal higher than any previous company in the competitive space when it launched an Indiegogo campaign earlier this month. By reaching their initial goal on Indiegogo so quickly and then skyrocketing past the goal, Sober Up is catching the eye of many and more and more people are backing the product on Indiegogo.

Product began shipping immediately to those that purchased perk packages and backers also received Sober Up CEO Harry Drnec's personal email address, which gives consumers the ability to provide feedback right after trying the product. I knew with my previous endeavors that giving the consumer a voice and input is critical, says Drnec. Those former endeavors include Red Bull UK as well as launching the #1 selling beer in the world, Bud Light.

I wasn't sure that something could be this powerful in such a small bottle, says Kevin L. However, after trying the product after a night out with friends, it was incredible how I felt the next morning.

The testimonials don't stop there. A backer by the name of Andrew Y. commented, I have tried this product and it 100% works. Definitely makes me feel renewed the next day. Moreover, it's super healthy for the body. I highly recommend.

Sober Up works due to the proprietary blend of Rizasalutem that was developed with 13 ingredients that help the body quickly reduce the toxins created when overindulgence of alcohol happens.

By treating the cause of a hangover and not just the symptoms, Sober Up is helping those that want to enjoy drinking responsibly while maintaining an active and energized lifestyle. Many other products merely mask the symptoms while the body still has to process the toxins that are being released. The approach of Sober Up is to treat the cause and boost the natural process of the liver.

This is a new, healthier way to think about alcohol consumption. Sober Up is a natural way to boost the body's own defenses, limiting exposure to health risks and counteracting harmful side effects.

With comments continuing to fill social media and on Indiegogo, the praise isn't limited to just the United States. Worldwide accolades tout the enormous potential of Sober Up. Jaroslav Kalcovsky raves, I have tried Sober Up not long ago and it totally surprised me how well it works! Each of the natural ingredients is beneficial for your body and having it in this combo elixir where you have them all together is simply great. It boosts your system fast (in my opinion & experience), your mind is super clear, I had zero hangover after the (nasty/crazy) party night and plus ....it tastes really nice. I absolutely support this product and the company! Keep it going guys.... Namaste.

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Positive Accolades Roll in for Sober Up and For Former Red Bull UK CEO Harry Drnec

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