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Cameroon school kidnappings: Authorities suspend vehicular movement

Nov 08, 2018 (6 months ago) |
Bamenda [Cameroon], Nov 7 : A day after the abduction of 79 children from a boarding school in Cameroon's Northwest region, authorities on Tuesday restricted the movement of all non-emergency vehicles from the area, where the pupils were kidnapped.
The suspension of vehicle movement took place in few districts in Bamenda, in an effort to aid search and rescue operations for the kidnapped children, local authorities said, CNN reported.

The armed men had entered the Presbyterian Secondary School in Bamenda late on Monday night, overpowered the security guard and forced him to take them to the children, who were sleeping. They then kidnapped the pupils and three others, including the principal of the boarding school.

Although no one claimed responsibility for the abductions, authorities did not rule out the role of separatists, who are waging a war with the Cameroonian government in the country's English-speaking provinces. Several secessionist groups have denied their involvement in the kidnapping.

The armed separatists, who are English-speaking, have been demanding independence from Cameroon. They have been largely accused of abducting students in Cameroon's restive north and southwest regions.

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Cameroon school kidnappings: Authorities suspend vehicular movement

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