Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020

Portland-based Hopworks Urban Brewery Now Powered by 100pc Renewable Energy Supplied by 3 Phases Renewables

Portland-based Hopworks Urban Brewery Now Powered by 100pc  Renewable Energy Supplied by 3 Phases Renewables
PORTLAND, Ore: 3 Phases Renewables (3PhasesRenewables.com), a leading clean energy supplier on the West Coast, has proudly partnered with Portland-based Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) (hopworksbeer.com) to supply their SE Portland brewery and restaurant with 100pc renewable energy. In addition to "going green," purchasing clean energy from 3 Phases Renewables also helped HUB save money on its utility bill.

"At Hopworks, we're deeply committed to environmental sustainability and conservation," said Brewmaster and Founder, Christian Ettinger. "In addition to sustainable business practices, we want to ensure our business is powered by 100% clean energy. Our partnership with 3 Phases Renewables helped us to not only go green, we've also saved money on our electricity bill. It's been what we like to call a 'win-win' for our business and for the local environment."

When it comes to purchasing energy, the Public Utility Commission of Oregon allows for commercial customers like HUB to buy electricity from a 3rd party provider like 3 Phases Renewables. Otherwise known as "Direct Access," business customers may opt out of purchasing electricity from their existing utility and instead, go with an independent third party. A huge benefit to companies choosing to go this route is there are no onsite project costs and electricity is delivered without interruption through existing power lines after the switch. It's a simple solution for companies who want to support renewable energy projects and make the switch seamlessly and quickly.

"HUB is able to purchase energy directly from local clean energy suppliers without having to interrupt or make changes to how the business is run," said Mike Mazur, president of 3 Phases Renewables. "We're thrilled to have helped HUB become a leader in clean energy consumption in the Portland area, and hope to see more businesses realize that making the switch to all or even partial clean energy is fast, very easy to do, and often times, a means to save money as well."

The annual window of opportunity for Portland businesses to adopt a new, one-year energy plan from 3 Phases Renewables through Direct Access began in September and continues until November 21, 2018 for Portland General Electric commercial customers; and until November 26, 2018 for Pacific Power commercial customers. Three and 5-year terms are also available. Businesses that utilize less than 1MW per month may opt in anytime.

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