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Punjab demands national drugs policy

Oct 02, 2018 (8 months ago) |
Punjab demands national drugs policy

Chandigarh, Oct 1 : Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Monday called for a national drug policy to save the young generation.
Pointing out that a comprehensive formula was needed at the Central level to effectively check drug abuse, Amarinder said the issue had taken centre-stage due to the growing demand for opium cultivation by certain states.

"States like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan were growing opium, for which they were finding a lucrative market in Punjab," Amarinder pointed out.

The Chief Minister, in a statement here, said that he had taken it up with the Central government.

"A foolproof mechanism was needed to wipe out the scourge of drugs. There is an urgent need for a national policy to deal with the problem. One state growing drugs, especially opium, and another not doing so was leading to an unacceptable situation in the country," he added.

The national policy could also address the need for cultivation of drugs needed for the pharmaceutical industry, Amarinder said, adding the Centre should involve states and experts while formulating such a policy.

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Punjab demands national drugs policy

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