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Here's how Andrew Dice Clay landed up doing 'A Star Is Born'

Sep 26, 2018 (9 months ago) |
Washington D.C. , Sep 26 : American comedian Andrew Dice Clay talked about the tough competition he faced to play the father of Lady Gaga's character in the movie titled 'A Star Is Born'.
At the film's Los Angeles premiere, he revealed that he was up against some legendary actors including Robert De Niro, John Turturro, and John Travolta for the role, reported Variety.

"These are major, major movie stars, and that's who's up for this," Clay said.

Clay added that he felt extremely happy when movie director Bradley Cooper said that he wanted to offer the role to him.

"And I go holy. And now here we are. I'm glad it was me. Those guys work enough. So I'm glad I got to play a dad," added Clay.

However, the 60-year-old actor revealed that he didn't initially know that he was auditioning to play the role in 'A Star Is Born'. Surprisingly, he spent his first meeting with Cooper talking about his children.

"We had a meeting on a Friday for three and a half hours, which I basically talked about my sons. I didn't even know what the part might be. But Bradley is getting ready to play this rock star, and my kids are rock stars. We even played some of their album in my office. He was just letting me go," said Clay.

Clay added that he subsequently got a text asking if he could meet Lady Gaga at a music studio in Hollywood and that's when the two bonded over music.

"We do a couple scenes that we've made up in a way, that Bradley told us what he was looking for. I'm holding her, I see my tears falling on her blonde hair going, why am I holding.. I don't know this girl for 20 minutes, and I'm crying on her. What people would pay to hold the biggest pop star in the world! And even that's an understatement. She's the real deal as a vocalist," he further said.

Surprisingly, the comedian actually missed the call when Cooper finally called him to inform that he has got the role.

"I tell my sons, 'Oh, I missed Bradley Cooper's call, and they go, 'Go call him!'," said Clay.

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Here's how Andrew Dice Clay landed up doing 'A Star Is Born'

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