• Tuesday, 22 January 2019

'People are media. The digital business in the selfie era' by Aldo Agostinelli and Silvio Meazza Launches English Paperback Version

MILAN: People are media. The digital business in the selfie era, the book written by Aldo Agostinelli and Silvio Meazza is now available in the paperback version in English, a choice that was also dictated by its extremely immediate cut that has led it to being sought in international channels.

In July, in fact, as soon as the Kindle ebook was released, People are media. The digital business in the selfie era has climbed the rankings of Amazon UK, reaching the sixth position in the business category. The book demonstrates the authors ability to analyze the current scenario and return a vademecum to orientate between chat and chatbot, e-commerce, crm, blockchain, selfie and big data. This result is made even more relevant by the fact that until today no Italian author had reached such positions in the UK charts in that segment.

The topics are fully explored in every detail through a cultivated narration, engaging and definitely educational, trying to answer the many questions raised by innovation, news and digital disruption.

From the potential of the web to abusing it, the way is short: this is one of the considerations shared in the chapters of People are media. Digital business in the selfie era, warning companies and customers. Ethic, regulation and innovation are intertwined in a contemporary tale.

The book explains how the time spent online by the users generates a significant volume of data and personal information which represents an unlimited resource for companies. The online itinerary of each individual reveals his habits and desires in a way which is far more coherent than any other possible market research: the data helps to understand the trends, obtain instant feedback on products and predict the preferences on the market, from purchasing habits to electoral choices.

This represents a unique opportunity for companies, for the first time they have the opportunity to listen to customers and edit their consumer experience in real time optimizing their business.

People are media. Digital business in the selfie era
Aldo Agostinelli - Silvio Meazza
English version available in paperback edition for GBP7,72 and Kindle format on Amazon.co.uk.

People are media. Il business digitale nell'era dei selfie
Aldo Agostinelli - Silvio Meazza
Mondadori Electa, 223 pages
Printed edition on sale at bookstores at 19,90€ and on Amazon.it