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Brockmans Gin Serves Up Autumn Cocktail Menu

Sep 14, 2018 (7 months ago) |
NEW YORK: Brockmans Gin, the gin 'like no other', is serving up its Autumn line-up of deliciously sultry autumn cocktails that beautifully complement the gin's exceptional mix of berry notes and botanicals.
Brockmans Autumn cocktails are the perfect serve for the season's cozy, romantic evenings and welcoming get-togethers with friends and family whether at home or out at favorite local on-premise establishments.

"Brockmans is a deliciously contemporary reinterpretation of gin that is so smooth, it can be enjoyed in a wide range of classic and contemporary seasonal cocktails," notes Bob Fowkes, Marketing Director and Co-Founder of Brockmans Gin. "For those cozy autumn nights and social occasions that call for cocktails, our new signature recipes were developed to perfectly highlight Brockmans combination of traditional gin aromas, bitter-sweet orange peel, coriander and top notes of blueberries and blackberries discovered in Brockmans Gin. Our 2018 Autumn lineup includes these amazing cocktail recipes that can be served up at bars and restaurants or enjoyed at home throughout the season."

Brockmans Twilight - Sharp, deep and complex

2 oz. Brockmans Gin
0.5 oz. Maraschino Liqueur
0.1 oz. Yellow Chartreuse
0.25 Lemon juice - freshly squeezed
0.1 oz. Gomme Syrup
Black Pepper

Run lemon around the rim of a stemmed coupe glass and upturn over ground pepper. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker with Ice and a couple of twists of ground pepper and shake vigorously. Double strain into the glass and garnish with a twist of lemon.

Brockmans Dark Night Negroni - A luxurious and sophisticated autumn Negroni

1 oz. Brockmans Gin
1 oz. Blueberry liqueur
0.75 oz. Rosso Vermouth
0.75 oz. Campari
2 dashes of orange bitters

Build all ingredients in a rocks glass over one large ice cube to chill the drink without diluting too much. Stir and decorate with garnish of a wedge of orange* with the edge dipped in cinnamon and two blueberries/or thick orange peel with one edge dipped in cinnamon and skewered with blueberries

*If making this cocktail in January-February, try it with blood orange.

Brockmans Autumn Tonic - A G&T - but so much more

2 oz. Brockmans Gin
0.75 oz. Spiced Pear Liqueur
0.25 oz. Lemon juice
1 oz. Five Spice simple syrup
Fever Tree Tonic

Pour the first four ingredients into a Collins glass and top with the tonic water. Add ice and stir a few times. Garnish with star anise and pear slice.

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Brockmans Gin Serves Up Autumn Cocktail Menu

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