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Michael Allen Lowe's Reinterpretation Opens at Findlay Galleries

Sep 14, 2018 (9 months ago) |
NEW YORK: Findlay Galleries is pleased to present Michael Allen Lowe's Reinterpretation, opening September 6th at Findlay Galleries in New York.
Reasserting the relevance of figurative painting, draftsmanship, and the Old Masters, Michael Allen Lowe's work combines classical systems with a contemporary methodology, using "fragments of paintings from history as component parts to a newly imagined whole."

The resulting works are something of a palimpsest, richly layered with overlapping languages, subjects, histories, and styles, yet also floating somewhere in the median of time, where Fuseli, Uccello, and Klimt can interact on one canvas.

Consider Lowe's Europa. Synopsis:

The setting for Lowe's reinterpretation of this Greek myth comes from a mid-15th century drawing A Mounted Knight with a Lance, by Uccello, thought to be St George. Lowe's Europa is after a foreground nymph from Francois Boucher's The Rape of Europa, c.1733-34. Lowe has incorporated decorative art nouveau elements in this work including metallic gold paint and stylized flowers in the vein of Gustav Klimt. Lowe's work is a visual exploration into coexisting and contrasting mythological identities: the primal masculine and the sacred feminine.

Reinterpretation, comprised of 19 paintings, will be on view through October 6th.

Findlay Galleries
724 Fifth Ave, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10019

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Michael Allen Lowe's Reinterpretation Opens at Findlay Galleries

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