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RockBocce Offers a New Spin on the Old Game of Bocce Ball

Sep 12, 2018 (7 months ago) |
EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn: RockBocce recently released its new lawn and beach game: RockBocce (https://rockbocce.com/). Using uneven "rocks" fashioned from high-quality hard resin, RockBocce is a portable outdoor party game intended for the whole family.
Each game set comes complete with everything needed to play, and are available for purchase both from the company's website and on Amazon.com.

A significant twist on the game of Bocce, RockBocce's unique "rock" design is intended to produce unpredictable throws. The rocks bounce and tumble in new directions every time, ensuring that even the most skilled Bocce players have to work hard to win.

"It started simple enough. I was out doing some yard work, clearing out some old leaves and brush, when I happened to notice quite a few rocks. I bent down to pick them up and one at a time, I tossed them into the neighboring woods. Thinking they'd all land relatively in the same place, I couldn't have been more wrong. They bounced and rolled every which way! Some even back towards me! Walking over to retrieve them a second time to throw further out, the idea struck me: RockBocce! Why not level the playing field and play the challenging game of Bocce ball with the unpredictable tumbles of rocks!?," said Inventor Paul Kahmann.

A RockBocce Set Includes:

2 Identical Sets of 4 Tan Rocks and 4 Black Rocks
1 Pebble
1 Measuring Tape
1 Canvas Backpack
1 Instruction Book

The Rocks Make the Game Special

Each rock is made from shock-resistant high-density resin, just like tournament Bocce balls, and each rock has its own unique shape and weight. Even the most seasoned Bocce player will discover that the RockBocce rocks have a mind of their own when tossed. RockBocce even gave each rock its own name and personality:

Pebble: The smallest rock, but probably the most important.
Chip: Its somewhat triangular shape rolls and spins rapidly down the court.
Dumpler: The oddball of the group, Dumpler has a tumble pattern that is the most unpredictable of them all. It could land anywhere.
Moon Rock: The Moon Rock's moves are out of this world.
Sweet Potato: The heavy-weight of the group is ideal for knocking opponents' rocks to the side, clearing a path to victory.

RockBocce is sold and shipped directly from the company's warehouse in Minnesota. It is guaranteed by a 30 day, no-questions-asked refund agreement. Each RockBocce set is also under warranty for two full years.

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RockBocce Offers a New Spin on the Old Game of Bocce Ball

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