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Ipsidy Announces the Launch of Access Mobile Biometric Perimeter Protection

Aug 21, 2018 (10 months ago) |
LONG BEACH, New York: Ipsidy Inc. (www.ipsidy.com) (OTCQX: IDTY), a provider of secure, biometric identification, identity management and electronic transaction processing services, today announced the launch of Access, its out-of-the-box, mobile, biometric identity access management solution.
Access helps protect any perimeter and create a safe environment by monitoring the enrolled identities of people moving in, out, and around any defined area. Enrolled participants whether residents, employees, visitors, customers, students or patients, use Ipsidy's mobile-identity application to provide quick and secure biometric identification at their arrival and exit.

Ipsidy's tablet-based Concierge application is used by the site's attendant to provide real-time monitoring of enrolled participants' entry and exit transactions. The Concierge app provides the tools to register and verify users' identities while also furnishing reporting and analytics. Administrators can track employee attendance by reviewing access logs. Receptionists, doorman and security guards can greet visitors by name, providing a more personalized experience.

Access can be deployed across a range of environments, including commercial & residential buildings, school and hospital campuses, logistics and warehouse centers and even 'pop-up' security perimeters. Access offers customizable workflows that can be used to meet a site's unique business and operational requirements. For example, from the convenience of their mobile phone, a site's employees and residents can create date and time specific digital visitor passes that use identities authenticated by the visitor and subsequently monitored by the attendant. An Access authenticated identity can also be used to authorize entry at subsequent access points or transactions without any additional user action, thus providing a more streamlined and frictionless experience.

Experience the flexibility and security of Access by upgrading from your legacy system to a solution that can be used from the palm of your hand. See how easily Access allows you to create new workflows using nothing more than a tablet, Bluetooth beacons and a participant's mobile phone. Pricing for Access is based on the number of users and starts at only a few hundred dollars a month.

Learn more and schedule an Access demo by visiting https://www.ipsidy.com/solutions/access. Download the Ipsidy mobile app on the App Store or Google Play to your mobile phone. System integrators and other commercial and residential building management service providers should contact us to learn more about our reseller programs.

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Ipsidy Announces the Launch of Access Mobile Biometric Perimeter Protection

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