YELM, Wash

Last weekend Yelm Washington lit up the skies with its 2nd annual UFO-fest and Cosmic Symposium.

The festival was held in the prairie of Mt Rainier where the first nationally reported UFO spacecraft was seen by pilot Kenneth Arnold in 1947, who later coined the phrase, Flying Saucers.

The Yelm UFO Fest and Symposium is the biggest UFO Event in the Pacific Northwest and spans the distance of over 3 football fields. The massive event was solely produced by the nonprofit Triad Arts Theater.

It is touted as "the UFO fest where the UFOs actually show up" because of the blatant mid-day sighting photographed last year at the first annual fest. The photograph of the unknown swarm of crafts was even incorporated into this year's main logo. This year's annual event once again had at least 4 UFO crafts seen and photographed.

Residents of Yelm weren't terribly surprised at the multiple sightings.

"We are already known as the Woo Woo town," stated Cameron Jayne, the brainchild and coordinator of the festival, "more emphasis was placed on the celebration of our diversity in artistic expression and thought."

Included were breathtaking works of art provided by internationally recognized artists residing in the community. From a 10 ft color-changing crystal Stargate to a 12 ft spacecraft mounted on a glass pedestal that shines moving lights down on the spectator below appearing to beam them up. There was even a spectacular man-made "crop circle" simulating the famous crop circle fields of England, with a tethered hot air balloon lift giving a Birdseye view.

From the symposium tent nationally famous UFO scientists and experiencers gave presentations against an original 14 ft. spacecraft mural. The festival had fantastic alien characters greeting and providing photo ops for the participants. From the Purple People Eater to an elegant 9 ft tall Nordic White ET; the festival appeared to be a mecca for all races from everywhere in the galaxy.

A side carny tent had interactive child educational talks with aliens describing what it is like to be living on Mars, Venus or other planets. How and what they eat, do they have jobs? Do they get married? All great questions asked by the inquiring minds of children. A mic was provided for people to share their own stories of witnessing a UFO or alien. A mentalist and magician were also in the same tent followed by the famous "Reptile Man" who brought his huge live crocodile and lizards out in the open for inspection much to the delight of the children.

The main stage had everything from opera to jazz, blues to rock, interpretive dance to tribal percussion representative of World genres in an ongoing 3-day celebration.

It was the hottest weekend of the year...posing challenges to the event volunteers and event coordinators to keep the visitors comfortable and safe during the scorching temperatures.

YES... It was HOT! The Hottest event that has ever hit the grounds of Yelm Washington!

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