Neurohacker Collective recently began a pilot study using the CBS Health platform powered by Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS)-a leading provider of cognitive testing tools-to help customers receive quantitative feedback on their current brain health.

In the initial pilot study, customers were self-selected and offered free cognitive testing with the purchase of Neurohacker Collective's nootropic, Qualia Mind. Participants were asked to complete the testing three times: before starting on Qualia Mind, after their first dose of Qualia Mind, and the final test after five days of using Qualia Mind.

The results for the 23 eligible subjects revealed meaningful improvement in core cognitive areas of reasoning, verbal ability and concentration. After 5 days of taking Qualia Mind, participants saw an average 85.4% increase in scores to measure ability to concentrate/avoid distraction, 37.2% increase in scores for planning skills, 31.1% increase in scores for visual representation, 16.9% increase in scores for verbal reasoning, 13.3% increase in scores for verbal short-term memory, and 10.2% increase in scores for episodic memory. While these are just preliminary findings on a small number of people, they are exciting initial results to see. For additional details on the study visit neurohacker.com/qualia-mind-pilot-study.

Neurohacker Collective is now preparing to offer the program to all customers using Qualia Mind, who will have the option to take Cambridge Brain Sciences quantitative tests before and after starting to use the product so that each customer can see the changes in their cognitive function from an empirical standpoint.

"I'm not surprised by the initial findings of the pilot study using CBS Health. They follow from a smaller study conducted last year measuring qEEG, stress profiles, other computerized assessment tools, and capnography where we saw objective improvement in brainwave patterns and cognitive performance from using Qualia," said Dr. Daniel Stickler, Medical Director at Neurohacker Collective.

Community-inclusive testing is fundamental to the core values of Neurohacker Collective. Since the beginning, the company has invested in the citizen science movement by inviting customer participation in studies while, in turn, influencing product creation. This approach allows Neurohacker Collective to focus product development at the intersection of cutting-edge science, information technology, and customer experience to deliver innovation informed by all three aspects of data. Neurohacker Collective is committed to expanding research like the CBS assessments so that they can provide innovative and significant advances in human health.

"The increased scores we saw in the pilot study using CBS Health are in-line with what we would have expected to see. At this point we've received feedback from thousands of users about their experiences and the trial helped to quantify and add weight to the subjective feedback we've received," comments CEO and Co-founder James Schmachtenberger. "Rather than overriding natural systems, we design our products to support the body's increased regulatory capacity within the system we're addressing. This approach, based on complex systems science, allows us to create comprehensive and powerful upgrades with little to no downside."

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