• Tuesday, 26 March 2019

MessageBird Announces Integration with WhatsApp Business Solution

SAN FRANCISCO: MessageBird, the Amsterdam-based cloud communications platform company, announced the integration of WhatsApp for Business API into the MessageBird communications platform.

WhatsApp Business Solution enables enterprises to connect with the over 1.5 billion WhatsApp users in 180 countries. As a verified WhatsApp for Business Solution provider, MessageBird provides enterprises full support connecting WhatsApp Business Solution into their customer communications strategies. To sign up for early access, visit www.messagebird.com/en/whatsapp

"Today's consumer wants on-the-go access to businesses and they want it from wherever in the world they happen to be," said Robert Vis, MessageBird CEO. "Today's announcement of WhatsApp Business Solution enables enterprise of any size to connect with the vast WhatsApp global audience through the fast, simple, and convenient messaging app that they prefer. MessageBird is pleased to support enterprises in their integration of WhatsApp Business Solution and in bringing their relationships with customers to the next level."

Once customers have opted in to communications via WhatsApp, businesses can easily share rich media such as geolocations, images, and audio recordings as well as receive videos to gain context and provide better support to customers. The integration with MessageBird enables business to provide SMS fallback for urgent messages to ensure customers receive the intended communication regardless of internet access.

With today's announcement, enterprises can easily add capabilities such as:

Support customer service by providing urgent updates such as travel itinerary changes, system outages as well as location-targeted alerts.

Easily integrate information regarding orders, deliveries, appointment reminders, payment processing on a platform customers check multiple times per day.

Customer Support
Enable customers to initiate in-depth conversations with rich media capacity so support agents can improve troubleshooting and improve customer service.

The integration of WhatsApp Business Solution into the MessageBird communications platform also provides direct access to Zendesk support for performance tracking and analytics.

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MessageBird Announces Integration with WhatsApp Business Solution

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