• Sunday, 24 March 2019

NuLook Dermatology Joins Epiphany Dermatology

AUSTIN, Texas: Epiphany Dermatology, a rapidly expanding dermatology company, announced it has increased its presence in Northeast Texas through its acquisition of NuLook Dermatology.

Epiphany Dermatology is comprised of leading dermatologists committed to improving access to exceptional dermatologic care, with clinics in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Founded in 1979 by Phillip B. Bandel, MD, NuLook Dermatology has a long-established reputation providing high quality dermatology services to patients in Paris, Texas. Through this acquisition, NuLook's dedicated team has joined Epiphany in a partnership grounded in exceptional patient care.

Dr. Bandel, who earned his medical degree at Louisiana State University and completed his dermatology residency at Walter Reed General Hospital in Washington D.C., commented, "My staff and I are excited to join the Epiphany team. Their values and culture align nicely with NuLook. By forming a partnership with Epiphany, we will expand our ability to provide for the dermatologic needs of our community. Epiphany has the infrastructure and expertise to help us manage the burdens of running the practice, which allows us to focus on taking care of our patients and serving the community."

Gheorghe Pusta, Chief Executive Officer of Epiphany, said, "We are pleased to welcome Dr. Bandel and his care team to Epiphany Dermatology. Dr. Bandel and his team are as committed as we are to delivering clinical excellence in a compassionate environment. This is an exciting opportunity to expand our provider network and improve access to great dermatologic care in the Paris and Northeast Texas market."

Through this partnership, NuLook's providers and staff gain additional resources to help with operations, managed care, marketing, compliance, human resources, recruiting, IT, and many other support services.

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NuLook Dermatology Joins Epiphany Dermatology

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