• Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Polisi Jones Is Best Communications Consultancy Finalist In HFM's 2018 U.S. Services Awards

NEW YORK: Polisi Jones, a full-service consulting firm that takes a holistic approach to achieving company success, announced today that it is an award finalist in the category of "Best Communications Consultancy" in HFM's 2018 U.S. Hedge Fund Services Awards.

"We are grateful to HFM for its recognition of the highly strategic and thoughtful communications work we do for our clients every day," said Catherine Polisi Jones, founder and president of Polisi Jones. "Our aim is to utilize communications tools and strategy to more efficiently and effectively achieve our clients' business objectives and accelerate the realization of their corporate vision. By developing a tailored communications strategy based on our clients' specific goals and culture, we have shown how the right strategy can drive positive brand awareness and support company growth."

Polisi Jones offers an innovative approach to consulting for private and public companies across all sectors and geographies, with particularly deep experience in the financial services sector. The firm provides comprehensive support and services across three critical areas that it believes are core to a company's success: strategic communications, creative design and events, and team mind-body-spirit wellness. Through this holistic and highly dynamic approach, Polisi Jones helps its clients "sound good, look good and feel good" by communicating a thoughtful and consistent corporate message, creating eye-catching and highly differentiated branding, and offering individualized solutions for employees to find a path toward achieving personal happiness, health and professional growth.

The HFM U.S. Hedge Fund Services Awards honor providers of services and solutions to the hedge fund sector that have demonstrated exceptional innovation, customer services and performance over the past 12 months. Category winners will be announced on September 13, 2018.

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Polisi Jones Is Best Communications Consultancy Finalist In HFM's 2018 U.S. Services Awards

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