• Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Not easy to address serious issues: Sorabh Pant

New Delhi, Aug 10 : He addresses social as well as political issues through his stand-up comedy, but comedian Sorabh Pant says it is not easy to find humour in serious affairs.

"It is not easy to address serious issues. But I have been doing it for a while now. In 2012, I wrote a novel called 'Under Delhi', which is about a girl fighting a rapist in Delhi. And despite being a challenging topic, I tried to find comedy in it without being shallow," Pant told IANS.

"I have been trying to do comedy on serious issues for a while now. Last year, I did a show where we focused on several issues. We spoke about sanitary pads being tax free, religious noise pollution and population in India and other bunch of stuff," he added.

Pant, who dealt with social and political issues in Amazon Prime Video's "Make India Great Again by Sorabh Pant", likes to find "some silliness" in serious topics.

"I am generally so juvenile that I figure out a way to connect with everything. And a juvenile joke usually makes people laugh. But for me, it is trying to find silliness in the serious topics and send out a message."

He said writing on serious issues is a challenge.

"You have to figure out the beginning, the middle and the end, so that there is some purpose to it rather than randomly talking about it," he said.

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Not easy to address serious issues: Sorabh Pant

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