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Indian Mission in Nepal monitoring situation in Simikot

Aug 07, 2018 (9 months ago) |
Kathmandu [Nepal], August 6 : The Indian Mission in Nepal is monitoring the situation in Simikot in Northern Nepal, where about 200 Indian Pilgrims are stranded for over a month.
Speaking to ANI, the spokesperson for the Indian Embassy in Nepal, Roshan Lepcha, said that no flights are being operated due to bad weather conditions.

"The Embassy's representatives in Simikot, Hilsa and Nepalgunj are continuously monitoring the situation," he added.

About 200 Indian pilgrims are stranded in Simikot as commercial flights to and fro Simikot-Nepalgunj are out of operation due to unfavourable condition. The Indian Embassy has acknowledged that it has taken note of the development and is in contact with the stranded pilgrims.

The Indian Mission in Nepal on Monday tweeted, "Embassy is aware that about 200 pilgrims stuck in Simikot due to bad weather and are in continual touch with them and their family members. The situation is under control and all stranded pilgrims would be evacuated as soon as the weather clears up."

The Meteorological Forecasting Division of Nepal has predicted that rainfall in the country will reduce significantly.

Last month due to the similar weather phenomenon in the Himalayan district of Nepal only accessible via airways trapped about 1500 Indian pilgrims for several days. However, they were rescued after a week.

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Indian Mission in Nepal monitoring situation in Simikot

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