Monday, 27 Jan 2020

A Modern-Day Miracle: This Powerful Earth-Based, Beauty and Wellness Tool Puts Healing in the Palm of Your Hand

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif: The innovative new Miracle Wands are a possible secondary aid to chronic pain or injury, fine lines and wrinkles, and recurring aches or pains.

Miracle Wands rely on a centuries-old Chinese ayurvedic healing remedy and suggested to treat pain and inflammation all-naturally. Experience the powerful energy of Earth's natural elements exclusively at the Miracle Wands Wellness Center.

I have always been passionate about ayurvedic and holistic healing, explains Miracle Wands creator Lyndy Ngu. I've dedicated many years to researching various heat-retaining stones in Australia. After earning my Massage and Occupational Therapy licenses, I developed Miracle Wands as the ultimate natural tool to not only mitigate pain but help treat its root cause. Now, clients can discover potential pain relief at the Miracle Wands Wellness Center or in the comfort and privacy of their home during a personal consultation with Lyndy and her team.

Miracle Wands feature composite Quartz stone responsibly mined and shaped in the heart of Queensland, Australia, each containing precious mineral deposits prized for their multi-purpose, natural healing properties. The stone delivers targeted thermotherapy, producing a soothing heat that may be contributed to the following; reduced inflammation, increased circulation, natural pain relief, and a support long-term healing.

Visit or call 714-839-6066 (toll-free 1-888-788-6066) to book a personalized Miracle Wands treatment in the convenience and comfort of home or at the Miracle Wands Wellness Center, 19671 Beach Boulevard, Suite 315 in Huntington Beach. Find healthy living tips, real-life before and after treatment results, and more on Instagram @MiracleWands.

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