#RelationshipGoals Are Trending on Social Media, in Real Life...and in the Bedroom

ONTARIO, Calif: The hashtag RelationshipGoals has been trending on social media for quite some time now, and while this term has become mainstream on the Web, it also appears to be catching up in real life.

An August 2019 survey conducted by adult novelty emporium CalExotics revealed that nearly 70 percent of people in committed relationships proactively set goals with their partner, and those who do have a better sex life.

Goal Setters Have Better Sex
Sex is undoubtedly an important part of a romantic relationship for many people — but how is the sex? According to the survey, which captured results from 233 U.S. adults currently in a committed relationship, approximately one-third of them are having incredible sex, another third are having good, but not great sex, and the final third report their sex as mediocre, lacking something or boring or non-existent. So what's so special about those reporting incredible sex? They're goal-setters.

By the numbers

Survey respondents in relationships who claim to have incredible sex are much more likely to be proactive goal-setters. And the quality of sex appears to rapidly decline for those who don't set goals.
Ninety-three percent of those who claimed incredible sex set regular goals for themselves. This goal-setting rate is much higher compared to those with good but not great sex lives (75 percent), mediocre sex lives (64 percent) and boring or non-existent sex lives (52 percent).
People with incredible sex lives are much more likely to set proactive goals with their partner, too.
Eighty-four percent of incredible indicators set goals with their partner vs. 73 percent of good not great indicators, 64 percent of mediocre indicators, 52 percent of lacking something indicators, and just 42 percent of boring or non-existent sex indicators.
As no surprise, incredible respondents are having lots of sex, too. Thirty-six percent are having sex three or more times per week, 43 percent are having sex one to two times per week, and 13 percent are having sex once or twice per month. More surprisingly, four percent of respondents claiming incredible sex are only having sex a couple of times per year.
People with incredible sex lives were more likely than any other group to have seen a relationship counselor or sex therapist.

It's not shocking to me that those who set goals together are reporting better sex lives, said CalExotics' Resident Sexologist Dr. Jill McDevitt, who holds three degrees in human sexuality. Goal setting is a very intimate and open form of communication between two people, and when you share that type of deep emotional, mental and sometimes spiritual discussion, it can most definitely translate into more of a connection in the bedroom. And when that happens, it truly is an incredible thing.

Types of #RelationshipGoals Being Set
So what types of goals are couples setting together? Just about everything. Of those in a committed relationship

79 percent are setting financial goals (saving, retirement, etc.)
62 percent are setting physical goals (weight loss, fitness, etc.)
49 percent are setting relational goals (communication, being a better partner, etc.)
49 percent are setting family planning goals (having kids, college, etc.)
44 percent are setting sexual goals (frequency, trying new things, etc.)

For anyone believing that the excitement of single life leads to an increase of incredible sex, think again. Only four percent of the 97 single people surveyed describe their quality of sex as incredible and only 10 percent describe it as good, but not great.
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#RelationshipGoals Are Trending on Social Media, in Real Life...and in the Bedroom