Layton Construction Breaks Ground on Renovation of Mingei International Museum

SAN DIEGO: Mingei International Museum will be more accessible and inspirational to visitors than ever before. On December 4, general contractor Layton Construction broke ground on a highly anticipated renovation and expansion to the current museum.

Featured among the many improvements is an admission-free plaza level to welcome visitors, complete with a gallery, store, restaurant, and center for learning. The plaza will provide a new experience for not just the museumgoers, but those visiting Balboa Park, as well.

Layton Executive VP John Thornton, who oversees the company's Southern California commercial building group, sees the renovations as a great opportunity for everyone involved, including the public.

We're very excited to take on this project and provide something great for the museum, Balboa Park, and the San Diego community, said Thornton. It's an incredible opportunity to take on such a historic project for the museum itself, but also something that will so heavily impact the surrounding area and provide a new experience for those who visit the park. We look forward to playing a key role in this transformation and really bringing something new to the local community and anyone who visits the area.

The new plaza isn't the only addition to the museum, as the transformation will also include an education center for hands-on learning, a new multipurpose theater, as well as renovations to outdoor spaces and exhibition spaces on level two. With over 46,000 square feet of renovations and 6,500 in new additions, the museum will offer stunning space for art collections, a broad range of events, and educational opportunities.

Overall, the renovations are set to improve accessibility and bring in new faces to experience the arts and spark creativity within—a core value within the museum's vision and mission.

With Layton Construction at the helm of the renovation, and the contribution of many craftsmen and specialists, we are confident the transformed Mingei will become an even more special place of gathering, learning, engagement and inspiration, said Mingei executive director Rob Sidner.
(PRN | 7 months ago)

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Layton Construction Breaks Ground on Renovation of Mingei International Museum