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10 Life Hacks for Students: How to Write an Essay like an Expert

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10 Life Hacks for Students: How to Write an Essay like an Expert

New York, Dec 4: First of all, you need time to start writing essays like an expert. Unfortunately, you can't turn into a professional academic writer with a one week notice. However, you can speed up this process using these tips.

Of course, you can't combine all of them from the first try. Pick three-four and later add others gradually one by one. Keep this list in bookmarks not to forget anything.

Read Papers and Articles of Others
To be a good writer, you need to be a good reader. It is true both for fiction writers, those with important novels, New York Times best sellers, and academic writers just starting dealing with their college papers. You have to read different literature to learn how to write, how to formulate your ideas, not to be a hack, not to make stupid mistakes. Reading lots of books and articles also helps with finding better sources for your papers, and having good references at your disposal, you will be able to write good essays.

Write More Drafts. More!
It is wrong to think that being a good writer means being able to write papers from the first try. Excellent paper, well, even just good papers, are not written from the first draft. You need several drafts to come up with something decent. Dealing with drafts also helps with the writer's blocks. If, from the very beginning, you know that you are writing a draft, you will be much less afraid to fail. Make mistakes, write more drafts, turn them into a perfect final paper.

Don't Be Verbose. Just Don't!
You have a word count given by your professor. For example, 900 words. You can use this limit in different ways. You can write long sentences with lots of commas, pour some water, unnecessary quotes, etc. This way you will definitely finish faster, but the quality of your paper will be low. Another option is to remember that one sentence should have only one thought. Every abstract can cover only one major idea, and, in general, one text should cover only one topic. Cut on descriptions and commas, separate sentences and don't add not needed details — respect yourself and your readers.

Collect Your Library of Useful Tools
We live in a digital world, which means your writing can be much easier thanks to some online tools. First of all, focus on proofreaders, they are truly helpful, even if you don't want to pay for premium versions. Pick several (Grammarly, Ginger, Hemingway), and your professor will leave much less remark to your essay. Install one of the apps that block social media alerts on your phone, not to get distracted when writing. Use Pomodoro apps or Toggl to track your working time.

Help Others and Ask for Help When Needed
You are not a robot, and you should not be a robot. You can get sick, tired, stressed, overwhelmed with other tasks, etc. In such situations, you need help with your assignments, and it is also normal and ethical. Don't hesitate to send pay someone to write my paper request and receive assistance online from essay writing experts. If you have some time and energy, but your friend is stuck, help him or her. Dealing with someone else's assignments is both gratifying and helpful in terms of your development as a writer.

Proofread Printed Drafts
At the first step of proofreading, use online proofreading tools we've mentioned before. They will find the most visible mistakes, help with structure and basic grammar. After you are done with online proofreading, print the paper and read it far away from any screens. Our brain reads online and offline materials differently, and you will find even more mistakes.

Forget About Sources Like Wikipedia
You just can't use them for quality research. You can check some facts for your own understanding, but you can't quote such sources, and you should also always remember that the quality of information there is more than questionable. Better spend 5-10 more minutes and find sources that won't make your professor annoyed.

Remember About Healthy Lifestyle
It is proved that a healthy lifestyle is important to increase your academic writing performance. Eating healthy, sleeping 7-8 hours at least 4-5 nights per week, cutting down on sugar, allows you to boost your cognitive abilities. If you manage to reduce stress and add some physical activity (at least 150 minutes per week), you will be positively surprised.

Know Your Weak Sides and Control Them
Again, you are not a robot, you are not a perfect student, and it is ok not to be perfect. You have strong sides and weak sides, and you should know and use them wisely. For example, you hate preliminary research, and it makes you procrastinate till the last moment. Start writing without research — formulate some ideas based on your class notes. Come up with some names for essay parts, etc. After that, you will feel a necessity in conducting some research, and it will go faster and easier.

Give Yourself a Break Once in a While
And now take a deep breath. You need to remember that above all, you have to stay healthy and not too much stressed. Experience works for you. Keep writing, keep reading, don't forget to rest from time to time. Don't concentrate on being perfect, focus on being productive and efficient. Perfectionism kills productivity.

10 Life Hacks for Students: How to Write an Essay like an Expert

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