BIC Camera stores at Haneda airport and other prime locations attracts visitors

Tokyo [Japan], Dec 2 : Haneda International Airport in Tokyo acts as an entry point for many tourists in Japan.

On the upper floor of its departure area, Japanese souvenir shops and restaurants draw a lot of attention.

BIC Camera's consumer electronics store called "Air BIC Camera", which is located at popular places in Japan, attracts many foreign consumers.

Satoru Fujita of Air Bic Camera, said, "The popular product of Air BIC camera is stainless steel bottles. A stainless steel bottle made in Japan is especially popular with foreign tourists bought a lot. In addition, many of the latest translation machines are available for foreign and Japanese travellers."

BIC Camera store at the airport makes it easy for foreign tourists to find many products at the airport. Travellers can buy travel goods, SIM cards, small electric appliances, watches and more.

The original sticker of the Bic Camera is attached to the "Made in Japan" products.

Fujita said, "BIC Camera's service has an airport delivery system that allows customers to receive items purchased at Bic Camera store of other locations in time for flight schedule. Customers can also receive items from internet shopping."

A Bic Camera store is also located at the arrival area of Haneda Airport.

Visitors can buy products like medicines, cosmetics, and sweets right after their arrival in Japan.

Fujita said, "Next year, Olympic Tokyo 2020 will be held. The airport is the front entrance of Japan and tourists are happy that Bic Camera is at Haneda Airport. I would like to create a store where customers are satisfied with shopping and are loved. Please enjoy shopping with the Air Bic Camera when you use Haneda Airport. We will be waiting for you."

Through the service of 'Bic Camera', foreign tourists can receive Japanese hospitality and convenient service from their arrival until leaving.

(ANI | 4 months ago)

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BIC Camera stores at Haneda airport and other prime locations attracts visitors