NEC introduces biometric technology for safety and security

Tokyo (Japan), Dec 02 : Nippon Electric Company (NEC) Corporation held an event to introduce the latest technology in Tokyo.

NEC's biometric technology is known as an advanced security technology.

The event concept was "future life by authentication technology".

Visitors experienced service using face recognition technology under the theme of travel. By setting an individual preference and travel date and face recognition, visitors can book hotels, travel, meal, and various appointments and receive AI technology suggestions.

"Future town connected by face recognition, the travel experience is the exhibition of the title. Various services in town can be connected by face recognition to receive a consistent service. When shopping, when high security is required, such as settlement, use element authentication to combine face authentication with many patterns," Risa Tagawa of NEC Corporation said.

There are many challenges in building a society where people can take advantage of digital convenience with peace of mind.

The future lifestyle image of NEC, a pioneer in biometric technology, makes people's life more convenient, along with security measures.

(ANI | 6 months ago)

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NEC introduces biometric technology for safety and security