Lagunitas Brewing Launches New IPA Can Shopping Network Shop

PETALUMA, Calif: Lagunitas Brewing Company, the brewery responsible for the #1 selling IPA in the world, and backed by a 25-year history of making hop-forward and creative craft brews, has launched the first-of-its-kind, IPA Can Shopping Network Shop.

Hosted by several Lagunitas employees including Head Brewmonster, Jeremy Marshall, and filmed in the historic Lagunitas Loft in front of a lifelike audience, this revolutionary, shop-at-home experience features a wide range of limited edition can-based wonders for IPA fanatics. Order now while supplies last!

For over two decades, Lagunitas has been brewing our well-rounded, highly-drinkable IPA, said Marshall. Now, through mind-blowing, state-of-the-art technology, we've taken that same IPA you've enjoyed in a bottle, and put it in a 12-ounce can. But wait there's more! The new IPA Can Shopping Network Shop is chock-full of can-inspired products you never knew you needed! From comfy IPA body pillows, to hideable 'stash cans,' these limited-edition wonders are sure to impress family members, friends, and coworkers.

Speaking on the breakthrough mobility of this incredible can, Lagunitas Packaging Manager Mike Feusi said, The new 12-ounce IPA can is perfectly molded into an ergonomic modernized firkin with golden apex and custom splotch 'pull-tab-ulator.' Research and production has successfully concluded and produced an instrument that not only provides a moratorium of thirst, but does so in a yielding, portative manner, allowing the consumer the potentiality to transport the hop-laden liquid to a multifariousness of deviating locations. Mike said a bunch more stuff that we totally glazed over, but this part stuck with us: Indubitably, with new IPA cans, comes new IPA can stuff.

Check out all the new can-made creations available now!

And see where the nearest 12-pack of these 12-ounce modern marvels are waiting:
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Lagunitas Brewing Launches New IPA Can Shopping Network Shop