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Companies Are Using 2x As Many SaaS Tools as They Think They Are: Takeaways For Security and Compliance

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NEW YORK: The stakes are higher than ever to ensure that their organizations are protected from a security and compliance perspective, but new survey data from Blissfully shows that IT and ops pros underestimate the number of SaaS apps their organizations use by half.

Visibility Statistics Include:

68% of organizations run on mostly or all SaaS.
Almost 1/4 operate solely on SaaS.
Businesses use nearly twice as many SaaS apps as they think! And the gap is worse at larger orgs.
94% of IT practitioners say that balancing data control and employee empowerment is their top concern.
80% of businesses are likely to need a SaaS management platform.

SaaS Visibility

According to 2017 data, only 38% of companies were operating on mostly SaaS. Just two years later, new Blissfully survey numbers show that the majority of organizations (68%) operate on mostly or all SaaS. With fast app growth and limited visibility into the SaaS stack, nearly half (42%) of IT and ops pros surveyed said that balancing security and employee empowerment was a top priority which needs improvement.

App Compliance

Blissfully also looked into data surrounding compliance at over 1,000 of the top SaaS applications on the market.

Some key statistics include:

71% are GDPR compliant.
On the other hand, just 18% have either secured SOC 2 or ISO 27001, with 13% having both.
GDPR shows faster adoption than SOC 2
Adoption follows size: companies with < $1 million in funding have ~7% compliance with SOC 2, while companies with > $100 million or more in funding have about 45% compliance.

This report is based on direct and survey data from more than 1,000 organizations, conducted through a combination of Blissfully's customers and a third party research firm.

For the full report, including data, information on these trends, key takeaways, and more, head to: Blissfully SaaS Trends 2020: IT & Compliance Edition.

The full report is available at:

Companies Are Using 2x As Many SaaS Tools as They Think They Are: Takeaways For Security and Compliance

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