Stop cutting cakes and burning candles to save "Sanatan" values: Giriraj Singh

New Delhi , Nov 17 : To save the values of Sanatan Dharma, Hindus must avoid cutting cake and burning candles on their children's birthday, Union Minister Giriraj Singh said here on Sunday. He also said that children should be taught Ramayana, Gita and Hanuman Chalisa to protect Sanatan values.

"Take pledge in the name of Goddess Kali that in order to save Sanatan Dharma and its values, you will teach chaupaie of Ramayana, shlokas of Gita and Hanuman Chalisa to your children," said Giriraj Singh.

"We all have to come forward to save 'Sanatan' Dharma. Those who celebrate birthday should take pledge that they will not blow candles, not cut cakes but rather go to temples and offer prayers to Lord Shiva and Kali. Distribute sweets among people, prepare good food," he said.

"Burn earthen lamps in place of candles," he added.

He said that children going in missionary schools are learning "Christain way of life that is different from the Sanatan"

"In other religions, people go to Church on Sunday, offer prayers on Friday. Their children take the teachings of their respective religions. In our religion, when children take admission in missionary schools where the statue of Jesus Christ is installed, when they come back home they tell their mother that they don't want to have a pony and don't want to have 'Tilak'. They bow in reverence imitating in a particular way," said Giriraj Singh.

(ANI | 3 months ago)

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Stop cutting cakes and burning candles to save "Sanatan" values: Giriraj Singh